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  • With plenty of volume to accommodate up to 10 people, BIGSUP provides you the maximum fun for paddling together with your entire family and friends.<br> <b>This item is shipped 20 days after order confirmation</b>

    Product Description

    The Supflex BigSup brings it all together for the perfect adventure with your best friends. Nothing like paddling together with your entire family! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to surf with 10 people on the same board? With Supflex BigSup you can!
    Supflex BigSup is a great option for families and groups to have one board that everyone can use and enjoy together, whether it’s surfing, exploring or just having fun on the water. It's a perfect tool for team building also, as a BigSup race requires coordination and communication to win. A thrilling experience that MUST be tried.
    The BigSup package includes 2 hand pumps to inflate with manometer (pressure gauge).

    Board Performance

    • Weight limit of 1550 lbs (up to 10 people)
    • Great stability, very easy to use
    • Designed for group paddling


    The board is constructed with reinforced composite drop stitch core inside, providing a highly tensile, rigid core which holds pressure beyond 15 psi. Outside the drop stitch there is a double military-grade PVC layer, making it substantially stronger than a hard board.



    When deflated, the board is flexible and can be rolled up to a small size roll, allowing you to carry it in the trunk of your car and easily store in a closet.



    Riding a Supflex inflatable board will make you feel like you are on a hard board without compromising stability or performance. The high pressure capacity combined with our 6" thickness makes Supflex extremely stable and easy to ride.


    • Built with military-grade PVC and drop-stitch construction inside. No dings or cracks
    • EVA Crocodile skin deck pad, great comfort for practicing Yoga or sitting on the board
    • 11 carry handle for painless transport in a group
    • 3 removable larger fins included
    • Has 2 inflation valves for fast inflation in a group
    • Includes 2 high pressure double action hand pump with gauge, pumps air on both the push down and pull up of the handle
    • Does not include paddles
    • Can be inflated up to 15 PSI, but is stiff and ready to ride at 10 PSI

    Board Specification

    • 18' (548 cm)
    • 4'11" (150 cm)
    • 7" (17,8 cm)
    • 100 lbs (45 kg)
    • 1550lbs (700 kg)

    Product Videos

  • fundo-bigsup
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