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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Maintenance & Care

With some basic care you can extend the life of your equipment:

Do not leave your board exposed to the sun when you are not using it. If there is no shade nearby, deflate your board reducing the pressure. The sun can cause damage to plastics in the long run, and hot air expands, causing the pressure in the boards to go above the recommended PSI.

Do not store your board exposed to the sun or outdoors, even inside the bag.

Always clean your board and gear with fresh water after you use it, and make sure it's completely dry before storing away.

When travelling with boards inflated, keep in mind that they will gain pressure from heat AND from altitude. Don’t let your boards get too much pressure in them, since explosive decompression from over-inflation voids your warranty.

Don't use more pressure than the recommended.

Keep the valve closed when the board is deflated near water to avoid water from entering inside your board, as this will damage the internal stitching. Water inside the board will VOID your warranty.

Roll the pump (hoses DETACHED) inside the board, and then put the board in the bag. This will protect your pump in transit.

Don’t put weight on top of your boards when they’re rolled up.

Your inflatable board is constructed from military grade PVC and can handle most abuses. However, contact with very sharp objects such as rocks, glass, or edges can puncture the outer skin. A repair kit with patches and glue is included with your inflatable board, and can be used to patch the hole. If the hole is larger than the patch, you may need to seek professional repair from a boating facility.

Your inflatable also has a valve, and it must be kept clear of debris. If your valve begins to malfunction, a tool is included with your board to remove and unscrew the valve. We can offer a replacement valve to you to correct the problem.